Hey, I'm DJ.

I live in the Bay Area and build iPhone apps.
But I grew up in Missouri playing a lot of golf and I eventually ended up at Duke.

This is what I look like:

This is what I'm doing:

But I do some other things, too:

I still play golf
I don't play as much as I used to, but I get out there once in a while. I really enjoy playing the Stanford Golf Course and I've had a chance to play at Spyglass. Spyglass is breathtaking. Sometimes I just like to practice putting and chipping at Stanford's practice hole. I go at dusk by myself and just work on my game, it's peaceful. Here's a video of my swing.

I like to run
Running is my main outlet for exercise these days. No need to belong to a gym, just start running. I actually enjoy it. Running lets me clear my head and just reflect. I ran my first marathon in Nashville, TN on April 30th, 2011 with a few great friends. It was an incredible experience. A group of friends came to cheer us on and even made signs for each of us. It was wonderful. Also, it was exhilirating to physically and mentally push myself to a place I had never been.

I like to write
I wrote a book. It hit #1 in the Test Prep category of the Amazon Kindle Store. It was just a fun little project with a random backstory. Get in touch with me if you want to hear it. My blog is mostly about work so there aren't very many personal stories. However, I like to journal and write letters (well, emails) to friends catching them up on my life with a few stories. Writing helps me process my thoughts. I also get a little sentimental when I write stories. Here's an example. I wrote a story about my wonderful mother and it got republished.